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Founders Packs are now available to reserve

Founders Packs, which contains everything you need for Founders weekend, are now available to reserve on the Founders Pack page on this website. They are also available to buy at each of the colleges bars, selling times to be confirmed on each colleges Facebook pages. Check out the Founders Pack page to get all the information you need on them. 

Welcome to Founders, a hard fought annual competition between the founding colleges of Lancaster University,  Bowland and Lonsdale. Founders is the consummation of an intense rivalry existing nearly 50 years, pitting the best of each college against each other over one weekend, consisting of 17 sports over 27 events. Being one of the biggest and most celebrated events on the university  calendar, Founders is one of, if not the, highlights of many Bowanders and Lonsdalians, both current and past. In its tenth occasion since its inception in 2004, this years Founders promises to be one of the best yet. 

Founders Series


The very first founders title, helmed by the competitions creators, Bowland's Jacob Samuels and Lonsdale's Tom Shepherd, was taken by Lonsdale. From then on however Bowland remained victorious every year from 2005 up until 2011. But in 2012, against the odds, Lonsdale claimed their first victory since the very first founders. The title victories up to this year therefore stand at :

14 - 16 June
So w​ho will win it this year. Will Lonsdale look to set a new order and maintain their crown. Or will Bowland see off the pretender to regain glory. 

It's not all sweat and tears though, Founders also see's a weekend of partying with socials held on Friday and Saturday. Friday night see's us venture to Elements, while Saturday takes us to Lancaster's very own Student Club, SugarHouse. What's more, this year's Sugar night promises to be very special indeed, with Rudimental headlining the night. 
Entrance to Elements is included in Founder's Pack's, while the Founders team are pleased to announce discounted ticket prices and queue jump for Sugar and Rudimental when purchasing a Founders pack, for both current students and alumni (Trust us this was hard fought for). 
More information regarding Founders socials and Founders packs will be coming shortly, but keep up to date with all news and banter via Facebook and Twitter.

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